About Us

Lotus Garden Restaurant is something of a petite venue in the Jurong Outdoor Futsal Centre along Fourth Chin Bee Road, just off International Road. With only about 25 tables available, it’s essential you book well in advance – this Chinese and Thai-style restaurant has been on the block for over 25 years and is well known to locals in this corner of Singapore. Lotus is adamantly family-oriented, too, with an incredibly friendly wait staff attending to big groups of diners, guiding them through the extensive menu.

Lotus Garden Restaurant’s menu allows you to sample a range of Chinese and Thai dishes that the kitchen have been refining over a good quarter century, keeping the selection up to date to suit Singapore’s endlessly contemporary taste. Honey pork chops, fried chicken with prawn sauce, simple Thai-style fried noodles, French beans with dried shrimps and a whole lot more are on offer at this Jurong hotspot. No meal here would be complete without trying the signature Roselle Ribenna drink, brewed from roselles planted in the namesake lotus garden itself.